1. What is in the Cake Kit?

Dry Cake Mix, Frosting Mix, Sprinkles, Spoon, Cup, Candle and Confetti (not edible). 

2.  Why do you put the Confetti in there if it is not edible?

The confetti is put in the cakes for color and decoration, but the main purpose is so that the container gets washed before use.

3. What is the plastic container made out of?

Food Grade Polypropylene

4. What is the difference between a Wholesaler and a Distributor?

A wholesaler has a state issued sales tax ID# and a distributor does not.

5. How big are the Cakes?

The Cakes are 4 inches round and 1 3/4 inches high.  They are the consistency of four individual cupcakes.  Our Cup Cakes fill a 13oz mug that you get to keep as a souvenir.

6. Do you have to add anything other then water?

No...all you need is water.

7. Is it possible to have custom business designs and logos made?

Yes...please check our Custom Labels Link.

8. Can we create an idea for a label or category?

Absolutely...we would love to add your idea to our label library.  You may also let us know if we can put your name as designed by attached to the design as well.


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