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The Greeting Cake Company is always looking for new distributors in the U.S.! Our sales process is a learn as you go approach and the product sells itself! Distributor discounts are 25% off of retail and an additional 10% off when your order totals $50.00 or more!

In order to become a Distributor you need to submit an Application, submit a W9 and purchase a Distributor Kit for $75.00.

New KitEach Kit includes a GCC Tote, 10 Cakes (choose from Birthday Sampler or Random Sampler) which will come with one of each flavor White w/White Frosting, White w/Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate w/Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Brownie w/Chocolate Frosting, Lemon w/White Frosting, Yellow w/Chocolate Frosting, Yellow w/White Frosting, Ginger Spice w/White Frosting, Chocolate Cake w/White Frosting and Sugar Cookie Cake w/White Frosting, Cup Cake Souvenir Mug with Cake Kit*, 2 GCC Pens,10 Blank Business Cards, 10 Tri-Fold Flyers for your Customers, and the necessary paperwork to start your GCC business.   *Cup Cake Souvenir Mug may vary from picture shown

To get started you will need to submit your application, order your distributor kit, and complete a W9 Form. You can scan and email the completed/signed W9 form to or send it by mail to 4598 Fig St., Golden, CO 80403.  We will not be able to process your application until we have received a paid kit order and a completed W9 Form!

Independent Distributors purchase products at wholesale and sell at retail. You are not required to have an inventory, however you may. To remain an active Distributor you must have $10 in sales quarterly. These sales can be combined retail and wholesale. 

Each Independent Distributor may have create their own website to sell our products, which must state the company's name and Distributor's ID number or The Greeting Cake Company can create a website page for you.  There is a $30 set up fee to do this and costs $7.00 per month (auto-billed through Pay Pal Subscription.) The Greeting Cake Company will receive the orders and ship them out. Distributors with a company website will receive notice of orders placed on their site.

Distributors are now offered a FREE CakeLink from home office to place on their personal email and/or website. A CakeLink will direct the customer to the main ordering page of the GCC which is embedded with information giving the distributor credit for the sale. When a sale is completed using a CakeLink the Distributor will be able to keep track and review all transactions through the affilates link.

Your order can be shipped to you or your customer.  The Greeting Cake Company will ship your order to you for your disbursement, or you can have it drop shipped to your customer.  GCC never adds paperwork giving prices, so you can be assured your discount is your business.  Greeting Cards can be attached to all items.  This option is available when cakes are ordered.

Advertising, one of the benefits of being a GCC distributor is that you may advertise anywhere and/or use social media as long as you identify yourself as a GCC distributor with your ID#.

Printed materials can be purchased through the company and some can be downloaded through your Distributor resources.

The Greeting Cake Company, LLC offers Fundraising. Contact us for more information on fundraising.

As GCC’s business grows and distributors are added GCC adds new products and continually works on adding new incentives for their distributors.

Please forward any questions before continuing to 

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